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I have found a suitable Au Pair very quickly here, Thank You!
Lynn, United Kingdom

Georgianny, Female Brazilian Au Pair From Brazil

Georgianny Au Pair Profile

Feeding the baby

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Date Registered: 17 Nov 2016 Last Modified: 17 Nov 2016 Last Signed In: 18 Nov 2016
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Brief Summary Of The Au Pair

I'am a 28 year old Female Brazilian Au Pair from Ibimirim in Brazil, I would like to work as an Au Pair in United States for 12 - 24 months, and I would be willing to look after children between the ages of 0 and 16 years old.

Contact Information For This Au Pair

Name: Georgianny
Email Address: Unlock With Full Membership
Phone Number: Unlock With Full Membership
City: Ibimirim
Region: Pernambuco
Country: Brazil

Au Pair Information And Family Preferences

Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 28
Gender: Female
I Am A Smoker: No
Had Au Pair Experience Before:: 2 Years Experience
Have Got A Driving License: Yes
Years Of Education: 12 Years
My Height Is: 170 cm
My Weight Is: 200 Lbs
My Health Is: Excellent
I am Married: No
I am An Au Pair Couple: No
I Have A Passport From: Brazil
Speak Fluently: Portuguese
Seeking A Family In: United States
Au Pair Is Open To Other Locations But Prefers: United States - Colorado - Denver 80201
Family Nationality: Any Nationality
Would Like To Work In: Big City, Small Town, Countryside
Earliest Date To Start: 20 January 2017
Latest Date To Start: 17 June 2017
Can Work For A Period Of: 12 - 24 Months
Children Ages: 0 - 16 Years Old
Would Accept Single Parent: Yes
Mind If Family Is Smoking: No
Can Look After Disabled Children: Yes
Will Do Housework: Yes
Can Look After Children With Special Needs: Yes
Can Look After Elderley People: No

The Reasons I Want To Be An Au Pair:

I would love to be an Au Pair in the US because I want to improve my english and experience the american way of life. I love children and I have a great experience with them so I know I will be a great Au Pair to your kids and we will have a great time together.

My Interests:

I am a very mature, independent, down to eart and easy going girl. I love to talk and make new friends, reading, taking walks, listening to music, watching movies and series. I also love to watch sports, specially soccer. I was a nurse stundent, I studied until the 7? semester, I intend to finish it when I come back home. I also worked as a waitress in a cruise ship, that taught me how to work hard, it was an awesome experience in my life! I can tell you that I love kids and love to play with them and that I am sure I would be a great Au Pair to your family!

Family Letter:

Hello, dear host family My name is Georgianny, but everybody calls me Geo or Gi. I am 25 years old and I was born and raised at a small town in Pernambuco called Ibimirim. Pernambuco, my state, is a beautiful place located at the northeast of Brazil. Although we have problems with dry Seasons and lack of rain, we do have the most amazing beaches of the whole country and a marvelous culture! The music in Pernambuco, like Frevo and forr?, does not makes possible to anyone stand still. The typical cuisine makes it hard to follow a diet and the people, those are happy, caring, cheerful, and possess a heart of gold, things that I admire and learned throw my 25 years here with my family. Speaking about my family, it is not a small one and, as we live in a very small town, we are very close, we hardly spend a day without seen each other. My parents, Eron and Anair, are divorced, but that does not mean that they are not good friends, after all, they have four children together. I have three siblings, two brothers, Henry (29) and Ariel (20), and one sister, St?phanny (30). They are the loves of my live and we have an amazing relationship. We are best friends! My sister St?phanny has three beautiful children, Isaac, Ila and Igor, which are the ones responsible for making me start to take care and loving kids. As we all grown up in a small town, we had a simples and amazing childhood. We used to play at the Street all day long. We played soccer, dodge ball, jumping rope and an infinity of other games. I can't imagine a better time! Most of my hobbies comes from my father?s influence. Thanks to him, today I am a big fan of the Beatles, Queen, Elvis... also my taste for old and historical movies. My mother was the one who made my love for literature grows. Since I was very young she would insist for me to read classics and, today, she steal gives me books whenever she cans! So, music, movies and books are some of my simple hobbies, but I also love to go to the beach, take long walks, picnics, play and watch soccer, ride a bike, read in the park, talk to my friends and travel as much as I can. I am not what you can call a ?party girl?, I rather go to some place calm where I can talk to my friends and have a good time. When I was 17 years old, I moved to Recife, which is the capital of Pernambuco, where I started at nursing school. I lived there by myself, and that gave me a good sense of independency and made me grow. I loved going to College but, unfortunately, I had to quit when I was at the 7? semester duo to financial problems. As I was at school all morning and all afternoon, I didn?t had time to work so I depended on my family, but they didn't have enough money to support me there! I also took a Flight Attendant Course, where we were trained in First Aid, Survival in Jungle and Survival in Water techniques. In 2014 I did a Course called STCW, which you need to work aboard a ship. In this Course I had First Aid training again, same as Survival in Water techniques and we also had a Controlling Fires training. The Au Pair program offers many benefits. The chance to improve your English skills, maybe even became fluent, live in another country, learn a different culture, new adventures, new people, see the day-by-day of an American family, things that we have seen our whole lives in movies, like the 4? of July, Halloween, thanksgiving..., and all that crowned by the opportunity of taking care and see the development of children that you will take for life inside your heart and hope to be a good influence and to make part, positively, in the lives of each one of them. And I am absolutely sure that this program is perfect for me and that I will be an amazing au pair for your children! My experience with kids began very early because of my nephew Isaac and my niece Ila. I always helped my sister to take care of them, but it was in 2014 when my sister started working as a teacher that I really assumed the responsibility of taking care of them and not just helping. One month after that, my neighbor Rubenice, who is also a teacher, asked me to take care of her children Romeika and Renan too. Since then I am responsible for those wonderful kids, and we had a few additions. My sister had a new baby, Igor, and my neighbor had a new one too, Ravi. Now I care for all the 6 kids, but not at the same time, usually I care for 3 during the day and 3 by evening. In the Saturdays, I used to take care of a baby boy called Lu?s Ot?vio, but his family moved to another city and now I only see him when they come to visit! Having the chance to participate on this program, I can Tell you that I will come back home with a huge luggage. Not material things, but experiences and learnings. It's an opportunity to grow and make dreams come true. It will also have a big impact in my professional life and will, without a doubt, open many Doors to accomplish my dream of working in a airline company, but, above all, I hope I will be back being sure that I had a positive impact in the lives of the people that I will come to know and that I will be part of a new family, so different of my own, but loved the same way! Thank you for reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon! Love Georgianny Nogueira

American Au Pair

Its a very nice site and easy to use, I come back when again to use your services!
Melanie, Germany